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Learn more about Curate’s suite of software, from being your digital storefront to our behind the scenes analytics.

On-Premise Ordering

At Curate, we believe technology should feel invisible. Through our seamless Order at Table, Pay at Table and skip-the-line ordering solutions, we provide an experience that keeps your guests satisfied and streamlines your operations.

Off-Premise Ordering

Curate's software suite extends beyond just your on-premise operations. Whether you are looking for a full custom iOS or android app, or a web app for take-out and delivery solutions, Curate will satisfy all of your off-premise needs.


Learn from and address your guests' experiences before they visit third-party review websites.


Curate learns from your guests' interactions with your menu to build unique taste and habit profiles for each guest. You can then leverage our easy-to-use marketing platform to target specific demographics and profiles in your marketing campaigns.


Enhance your brand with a strong data-driven loyalty program that learns from your guests' habits and engages them in a manner that is uniquely tailored to their tastes.


While Curate understands the importance of collecting and owning high-quality data, we also understand knowing what to do with it is just as important. Therefore, we have built our analytics to permeate every aspect of our product, providing actionable insights in our admin portal to teach you how to best leverage your data.


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Raise the Bar

Put Your Menu to Work

Curate’s granular analytics permeate every aspect of our platform. Learn how Curate can help boost your digital marketing, increase revenue, and improve guest satisfaction through analyics.