Tailored for your fast casual operation

Through our seamless user experience and robust back-of-house analytics, Curate has built the definitive ordering solution for fast casual.

Bolster your Operations


A Product Suite that Fits your Operation

Our efficient ordering and analytics serve to increase the efficiency of your operations and boost your revenue.

Own your Personalized Native App

Leveraging modern modular design, our app will serve all the needs of your restaurant while raising your bottom line through our best in-house analytics.

  • New instant app technology means no installation is neccessary to use our apps!
  • Data-driven loyalty will increase your customer engagement and grow your average ticket size.
  • Delivery, take-out and dine-in all available from one app!

At-Table Ordering and Payment

Say goodbye to your service woes! Through just a tap of the phone, guests can be brought into your full instant app menu, with the ability to order, pay, engage in loyalty and promotions, and more.

  • Curate’s live group ordering with the table allows for easy bill splitting and removes the confusion of large digital orders.
  • Live Operations view will provide you a birds-eye view of the floor, notify you when loyal guests are seated, and more.
  • Open tab or pay-as-you-go models available to best cater to your restaurant’s existing operations.

Skip the Line & Kiosk Ordering

No more losing guests to a long line! Improve your operational efficiency by encouraging guests to order digitally through either skip-the-line style ordering or ordering from specific QR code & tablet kiosks set up in your restaurant.

  • Build a customer profile on every guest that orders digitally to improve marketing.
  • Provide more exposure to your loyalty program and iOS / Android app through Curate’s instant app technology.
  • Use any android tablet or iPad to run Curate’s kiosk ordering, no extra set-up required!

Offer Delivery and Order Ahead Directly from your Website or App

79% of restaurant-goers prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s app versus a third party. Consolidate all of your ordering in a single solution that aptly represents your brand.

  • Enable your guests to order ahead of time and skip the wait.
  • Don’t lose business in the open marketplaces of delivery websites! Have your ordering platform work to generate more sales for you, not direct guests to competitors.
  • Include delivery orders in your loyalty program.


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